Program priorities

On the basis of its program and in view of the needs of the population of Slovakia, the # # Network will focus in particular on solving acute problems in order to:

1. Strengthening cooperation with the Visegrad countries on immigration policy.

2. Return to the electoral system of the Slovak Republic 1998th

3. Improving police, prosecution and court functions so as to allow for a thorough investigation and subsequent punishment of all offenses under the "fall to death" principle, coupled with tightening sanction for defamation, public spread of alarms and hate reports and unjustified blame.

4. Legislation and creation of rules for lobbing.

5. Introduction of material and criminal liability of elected officials in the handling of public funds.

6. Legal anchoring and practical implementation of a system supporting the construction of rental dwellings.

7. Adoption of a career order in state and public service and the introduction of codes of government and public services whose breach will give rise to sanctions, except for the prohibition of the performance of such service.

8. Determining the salary ratios of constitutional actors, statutory representatives of state-owned enterprises and enterprises with the participation of the state and members of their management and supervisory bodies, including determination of service benefits and material and non-material benefits.

9. Cybernetization and dematerialisation of state and public administration with the highest level of security (all information on citizens and citizens is entered into the system once, intangible information, not papers and people are transferred).

10. Introducing a system that allows adult children to contribute financially to their parent-pensioners in the form of a deduction from their income.

11. Reforming education so that Slovakia does not become a "workshop" of other countries.

12. Acceptance and gradual implementation of adaptation measures related to climate change in all relevant areas of society.

13. Establishment and promotion of such waste management systems that will enable the Slovak Republic to fulfill its international obligations in this area, including the promotion of energy recovery of waste.

14. Improve the functioning of the subsidy system in agriculture in order to favor the real production in plant and livestock production.

15. Completion of transport infrastructure and reorganization of public transport in order to improve the mobility of the Slovak population and allow the availability of settlements in all regions.

Remarks and insights into the prepared foreign policy concept

We support the idea of a cooperative but not forcibly unified Europe as formulated by R. Schuman, A. de Gasperi and K. Adenauer.

We oppose the philosophy of globalist post-communism through gender and similar theories.

We are opposed to the ideology of extreme left-wing liberalism, which we now see as the same danger as right-wing extremism.

I pursue the policy of sovereign states, economic cooperation and effective cooperation at the level of security, provided that the institutions working in this area will truly aim at the security of the people of Europe, not the control of citizens and the interference with their privacy. The lack or direct loss of willpower means defeating.

If, on the basis of the Constitution, Slovakia declares its Cyrillo-Methodic tradition, it is imperative to take its place in an unpublished global war against Christianity immediately by public, loud and, in particular, concrete deeds.

We will never accept the arrogant attempts to influence domestic events from abroad of any great power. We give a very important role to national intelligence organizations, especially economic counter-intelligence.

We consider the current EU migration policy to be catastrophic and suicidal, as the greatest threat to the security of all EU Member States.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish the terms "legal" and "illegal" immigration.

It is unacceptable if neocolonial efforts are presented as dissemination of democracy. We do not have to give up any extortion in order to adopt a politically "correct" policy and to comply with the Euro-Atlantic directives.

We regard the introduction of Slovakia as a "core" of Europe as a bliss. The core of Europe has been created long before, and no one else, no matter how obedient and friendly to all the commands of it, will take it.

We are cooperating with all the forces within V4 that are acting for the sovereignty.

We plan to make foreign policy more skilled in order to effectively defend the interests of Slovakia, in contrast to current practice when personal priorities are preferred to foreign service activities.

In cooperation with similarly minded political forces, we want to be actively involved in the struggle to preserve at least the last remaining state sovereignty.

The Munich events of 1938 and the entire development in Eastern Europe after 1945 proved "gravely" to the Western powers (the United Kingdom and France) of the V4 country. Based on the latest events (eg, the quality of goods), it can be said that colonial traditions and thinking persist despite spectacular claims about democracy, win-win economic relations, and so on.

We fully support the struggle of the current governments of Poland and Hungary for maintaining national sovereignty.

The Russian Federation should be an important partner of all European countries and, of course, Slovakia. The sanctions against RF are considered to be misguided, ineffective, and counterproductive as part of the ideological and economic warfare, and actually reinforce those against whom they are directed.

Based on historically proven facts, VOSR was provoked by forces with foreign backgrounds. Identifying today's Russian Federation with the Soviet Union is a deliberate misunderstanding of what's happening in RF.

Economic cooperation with China must be built on a higher level than the unnecessary and totally ineffective reference to human rights violations in this country.

We enforce the requirement of sine qua non - improving the quality of foreign service, especially at the level of commercial diplomacy, a rapid improvement of Slovakia's presentation, which we currently regard as unqualified, which results in Slovakia being almost unknown country abroad, often considered Slovenia or even part of Czechoslovakia.

Collaboration with the United States is an important element of our foreign policy.

Together with the United States, we are proposing the immediate resettlement of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Israel to Jerusalem as a fully legitimate capital of the State of Israel.

We are open to cooperation with all political entities in the V4, Europe and the world, which have at least some of the same program and goals.